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Ronny Hilland

IMS - Effective Pain Treatment

Stiff neck and shoulders. Sore muscles after stress and strain over a long period of time. Everything is so much better when your body is well. IMS offers an alternative to painkillers and medical surgery.

Documented and Recognized

IMS treatment has been gaining increased respect and reputation during recent years. Ronnie Hilland by Hilland Fysikalske Institutt has had long experience in the field.

- In the years 1999 to 2001 I was educated in IMS and was approved as an International Instructor and therapist. Now IMS is used daily in my clinic. I also hold courses in IMS for doctors, physical therapists and acupuncturists.

Gunn IMS has a high status in Canada, USA and in the Nordic countries. Hilland is collaborating with Professor Gunn at the Medical Faculty at University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In February 2017 we are traveling to Vancouver to visit Chan Gunn at the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.

- The method is becomming better documented. A lot of good work has been made, and now reports proving the effectiveness of IMS will be published.

Fighting the Pain

- IMS is a treatment primarily for chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Any place in the body where there is movement and muscless can be treated using IMS. Back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs. The problems can be attacked in many ways. For Example by physical therapists, medical doctors or acupuncturists. Our goal now is to provide pain treatment that is less dependent on medication. Replacing medication with IMS treatment eliminates the side effects that medication often give.

Gunn IMS treatment can give rapid results, and the time spent from appearance of pain symptoms till start of treatment is often a factor for the result of the treatment.

- The ailments we observe are often chronic, and in many cases several treatment sessions are required. Significant improvements are often present after 2-3 sessions, but after 6-8 sessions, we're really starting to see major results of the treatment.

IMS has little in common with classical acupuncture, and differs from ancient Asian methods mainly due to the strong link with Western medical examination procedures.


- Best practice is to go to a medical doctor to get an evaluation. As a physiotherapist I get most of my patients from the doctor, and this is the natural procedure with IMS treatment as well

When IMS as form of treatment is chosen, the continuing process is similar to that of other kinds of treatment.

- First a medical diagnosis is made. We need to find what is causing the pain and the reduced mobility. The patient explains what triggers pain, and physical tests are performed to provoke pain and locate the problem

Pain receptors are located in the skin tissue. When comming through this layer and into the muscle, the patient will feel a kind of pressure on the muscle. Hilland has perfected the technique through years of experience with the use of acupuncture needels on patients.

- Of course the patients can feel the needle when I insert it, but there is little screaming and yelling, Hilland says smiling.

In Germany it is very common for doctors to practice the IMS treatment. Norwegians are more skeptical and often choose this treatment as a last resort. A final attempt when feeling desperation.

- I am often the last link in the chain of treatment alternatives. Other ways are tried first, and then they end up here. Starting IMS treatment early has significant advantages.

The Future of IMS

IMS Medication for pain relief is used more frequently than before. Many would say it is used in a too extensive manner, and there are many side effects. IMS stands out as a healthy and sensible alternative, based on acupuncture and with extensive medical training as a foundation.

Will we see more of this kind of treatment in the future?

- I believe so. There is a growing interest,and the benefits of reducing consumption of pain medication is important. Knowledge is our best weapon.